A Rundown on Wrestlers' Unheard Stories and Antics

"WrestleMania 25" - Inside
"WrestleMania 25" - Inside / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The world of wrestling is an exciting place to be as an audience. Did you know the wrestlers have a wild streak of the camera too? Believe it or not, we are aware only of half the fun that goes on with them. Incidentally, the fierce warriors have a long list of thrilling out-of-the-ring anecdotes to share that you've probably never heard of before. 

Some experiences are a laugh riot, while others will have you clutching the edge of your seat in nervous anticipation as to how it all turned out. Let's learn a little more about what mischief our favorite wrestlers have been up to on their time off from their fights.

Owen Hart’s Famous Rib-Fests

One of the activities that brought a bout of laughter to the hardened professionals was the constant ribbing between them. Unfortunately, before his early demise in 1999, Owen Hart had a few heartful pranks for his fellow wrestlers, and one of the victims was Ahmed Johnson. 

One day, Johnson excitedly got ready to appear as a guest on the popular *The Tonight Show with Jay Leno* and was waiting for his transportation in front of his hotel. He was nervous, too, since he hadn’t told his mates about this television outing. While waiting, he received a call from the wrestling champion asking about his car. It turned out Hart had set the whole thing up. 

Diesel and The Undertakers’ Night Out

Born Mark William Callaway, The Undertaker is among the most seasoned and greatest wrestlers. Even though he’s remembered for his unbeatable record streak of 21 consecutive WrestleMania wins, he’s also fondly recalled for other out-of-the-ring experiences. He retired in November 2020, but the stories surrounding his victories and tenure continue. 

Vince McMohan, the CEO of WWE, in the mid-90s, forbade his wrestlers from visiting the night clubs. Still, Kevin Nash, aka Diesel, decided to make a cursory under-the-radar visit to one in Philadelphia. Upon entering the club, he was relieved to see the coast was clear until he was summoned by a man in a leather coat, the mighty Undertaker. 

The One in Which Kane Barges Into the Wrong Room

Beware of the wrestlers in a rush, especially if they are dressed as intimidatingly as Kane! The three-time World Wrestling Champion has many victories under his belt. Considering the immense success and fan following he has garnered during his career, we’d assume the man knows what he’s doing. Alas, it wasn’t so on one memorable occasion. 

Dressed in a red and black mask, Kane’s towering height of seven feet makes him a wrestler you wouldn’t want to mess with. One day after his event, he rushed to the hotel in his fierce wrestling regalia and barged into his room, only it wasn’t his. Instead, he shocked the elderly couple who had already occupied the room. 

Woods’ Attempt to Save Face

For two decades, Tim Woods participated in many promotions as Mr. Wrestling and made his presence known in the wrestling world. In 1964, he even famously challenged the legendary World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz. He may not have made enough waves to be remembered for his talent, but he’ll forever be recalled for one particular incident. 

Woods was onboard the plane that crashed on its way to North Carolina’s Wilmington from Charlotte in 1975. Promoter David Crockett, and many of his peers were also there. Everyone was surprised to see Wood return to the circuit within two weeks of the accident, denying his presence on the plane to save face.