Being Professional Golfer Has Its Perks

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Taking up a sport professionally has a lot of benefits associated with it. Firstly, the athletes get paid huge sums of money. If millions of dollars in annual salary aren't enough, they can always rely on endorsements and sponsorships. They are loved all around the world by millions of fans.

Having said that, the biggest perk, in our opinion, is the ability to date gorgeous celebrities. Of course, everyone admires a good athlete! As good as it is for more active sports, it holds true for golf as well. There have been many professional golfers who enjoy relationships with famous ladies, and here is the list.

Brooks Koepka Is Engaged to Jena Sims

Brooks Koepka, the American golfer, is a former PGA Tour member who now plays for the LIV Golf Series. Brooks is a decorated golfer who has also reigned as the world number one for around 47 weeks. He has two US Open titles and two PGA Championship titles to his name.

Koepka is engaged to a gorgeous lady named Jena Sims, who is always there on the course, cheering him on during his matches. Jena is reportedly a former beauty pageant queen who is now working in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in multiple film titles and has a huge fan following on social media.

Tiger Woods Is Dating Erica Herman

Tiger Woods is probably the most decorated golfer in the sport's history. He is a household name and even those who do not follow the sport know who this legendary athlete is and why he is so well-known.

Having said that, Tiger has been in the center stage for quite some time, not only because of all the golfing events he wins but also because of his love life. Reportedly, the golfing legend is currently dating his restaurant manager, Erica Herman. The two live together at Wood's Jupiter Island mansion, and she has a great relationship with the golfer as well as his two kids.

Dustin Johnson Is Married to Paulina Gretzky

Without a doubt, Dustin Johnson is one of the big names in the golf world. He is the first golfer to win all four of the World Golf Championship events. Moreover, he has two major championships and twenty-four PGA Tour wins to his name.

Yet, despite all his flashy achievements, the golfer's wife seems to be the center of attention whenever they attend an event together. Paulina Gretzky, Dustin's wife, is the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and famous actress Janet Jones. She is a supermodel herself and enjoys a huge fan following. The two got married in 2013 and have two children together.