Favorite Pastime of Popular Wrestlers

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes
UFC 200: Tate v Nunes / Rey Del Rio/GettyImages

We often tend to link the hobbies of people with the field they have established their careers on. For example, many think WWE stars spend the majority of their time outside the ring exercising and bodybuilding. Well, those are necessary for wrestling but doing things related to your profession all the time can make your life burdensome and monotonous. It shouldn’t be surprising to see most wrestlers preferring to pursue interests far from the wrestling world in their spare time. Keep reading if you want to know what four of your favorite WWE superstars love to do during their breaks! 

Brock Lesnar

After a brief retirement, Brock Lesnar returned to WWE in 2021 in a cowboy get-up while sporting a beard and a ponytail. It might have been a new sight for people who had always seen Lesnar inside the ring, putting opponents down like a beast. The wrestler, however, said this is who he really is and called himself a "country hillbilly."

Lesnar, who prefers a secluded lifestyle, even moved with his family to a private farm. His lawyer Paul Heyman mentioned how the WWE champion enjoys being a farmer outside the ring. This easily explains his love for rodeos. Lesnar has often been spotted with his wife and children enjoying rodeos among the handful of his public outings. 

Shinsuke Nakamura

Whether movie stars or sports stars, entertainers live through a packed schedule. They are always on the move, from shooting shows to touring cities for performances. While this allows them to travel to many new places, they hardly enjoy the visits because their commitments take up most of their time. 

Nevertheless, wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura still manages to wiggle out from his tight schedule to explore the countries he tours. Thanks to his travel bug, Nakamura developed friendships with many wrestlers and ring announcer Greg Hamilton. Both roam around the cities during their breaks to find the best ramen restaurants. The ramen shops might not meet Japan’s standards, but we are sure it’s an excellent way for Nakamura to wind down.

Alexa Bliss

For pet owners, their animals are no less than family, and they care for them as one would do for their babies. In this regard, Alexa Bliss is no different; she, too, loved her pet pig immensely. Named Larry Steve, the pig lived with Alexa and her then-fiancé, Buddy Murphy.

Despite being busy with her professional career, Alexa made sure to give ample attention to her pink baby. Fans witnessed the beautiful bond between the WWE star and Larry since he was a newborn piglet, and he grew up to be a social media star with over 90k followers. Sadly, the friendly pig passed away from health complications, and Alexa relayed the news in a heartbreaking post.

Jeff Hardy

While his struggles with addiction have tarnished his WWE reputation, one can't forget what an exceptional wrestler Jeff Hardy is. He ranks among the greatest, and his daredevil stunts earned him massive popularity. Outside the ring, a sober Hardy is an artistic man.

Calling his artistic side "The Imag-I-Nation," the talented wrestler engages in many kinds of art forms as outlets. The most notable one among them is painting. The creative face paintings one sees him in during matches are all done by him. His music album covers and merchandise collections also feature his art designs. Hardy has sold original artworks through his website and donated several of them to charity auctions as well.