Meet the Most Fashionable Wrestlers

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When we talk about wrestling, hardly anyone pays attention to anything other than the players' performances. Yet, many need to realize that personal styles and the outfits in the rings of a wrestler determine how fans view them and contribute significantly to giving them a unique identity. Of course, not everyone is a fashion expert, but some players are very much in tune with what suits their bodies and are dressed to the nines. Let's look at five such wrestlers whose dressing game is so on point that we can't take our eyes off them both in and out of the ring.

Dave Bautista

From being told that he couldn't be a professional wrestler to starting his career at 30, Dave Bautista had numerous odds stacked against him. By the following year, however, he had proven everyone wrong by becoming a rising star in the ring. Famous by the name Batista, the former wrestler was crowned world champion six times, and he still holds the longest reign for the world heavyweight championship. 

 Bautista had both his opponent and spectators in a chokehold with his towering physique and agile moves. Outside of it, he commanded equal attention by appearing in well-fitted dapper suits. With the star completely transitioning from wrestling to acting, his dressing style had just improved.

Alexa Bliss

No one thought the woman who made her debut inside the ring with a glitter fairy concept would become the first woman wrestler to win both Raw and SmackDown Women's titles. Alexa Bliss is now one of the most successful women in wrestling, a journey that sounds even more incredible when you learn she struggled with an eating disorder for a significant chunk of her life. 

Besides her performances, Bliss's creative ring gears based on iconic characters from Disney and other famous franchises make her a joy to watch. The wrestler has nailed them all, from Iron Woman to Harley Quinn, from Maleficent to Freddy Krueger. Off-ring, she is still as gorgeous with her skin-tight dresses. 

Dustin Runnels

Following his father's footsteps, the legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Runnels, joined professional wrestling in 1998. Yet, it was in 1995 that he launched his Goldust gimmick, and his grand and filmy entrance with a glittering and feathered robe became an unforgettable moment in WWE's history.

 The character was apparently based on the Academy Award statue, and his black and gold body paints and suits became his signature style. Even though the ensembles looked quite bizarre sometimes, Runnels' mysterious and saucy Goldust persona fascinated everyone. Over the years, the wrestler made notable changes to his outfits and has moved on to mimicking famous celebrities. 


Breezango was one of the most entertaining tag teams in the history of WWE. Consisting of Fandango and Tyler Breeze, the team was an unexpected development after tag partners of both Fandango and Breeze refused to attack each other. While the duo started at the bottom of the team division, their slapstick skits delighted the audience, ultimately reviving their career. 

 Known for their "Fashion Police" segment outside the ring, Breezango knew how to perform in style. The pair took their fashion gimmick quite seriously, and one can see it in their dazzling and colorful outfits inside the ring. From dressing up as pirates to the Queen's royal guards, the team constantly experimented with their looks.