Planned or Not, These Sports Stars Have Had Many Children

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BIG3 - Championship / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Sportsmen have it all - the fame, fortune, and, most importantly, all the attention they can get in a lifetime from women. They are disciplined men who pour their blood, sweat, and tears with utmost dedication to their sport. Who knew they were as dedicated off-the-field too in contributing to their family! 

Considering most sportsmen are multi-millionaires, they can afford to have many kids, sometimes with different women. So, it isn't surprising that many have frequently welcomed new additions, transforming some famous athletes into doting dads and others into a financial mess. Here are a few sports stars who wish they had known fatherhood came at a steep cost. 

Royce White (NBA)

For six years, Royce White became the talk of the town for his athletic skills on the basketball court, and if the speculations surrounding his personal life are to be believed, he has fathered at least five children. When the fifth one claimed the NBA star as the father, the woman got blocked by him on social media. 

During his 2022 congressional district election campaign, Royce shared his experience at 21 when the court ordered him to pay child support. He was already a father of four, per different women's claims. Looks like the basketball player had too many things besides the game to focus on. 

Larry Johnson (NBA)

Another NBA star to father many kids is Larry Johnson. In 2015, nearly 14 years after bidding adieu to his decade-long NBA career, he filed for bankruptcy after being run under by the massive child support he had to pay, which set him back by $120k. 

His romantic interludes over the years made him a father five times over with four different women. Larry was so financially burdened by the compulsory payouts that he tried to convince one of his women, Laura Tate, to terminate her pregnancy, which she refused. Instead, she shared his request with the world, tarnishing his reputation. 

Marshall Faulk (NFL)

The former NFL running back Marshall Faulk has sired six children with four different women, which is no small feat. Imagine the earnings he should have to support his kids and their mothers his entire life. While his 13-year career with the St. Louis Rams and the Indianapolis Colts must have fetched him a pretty penny, he's doing even better for himself as a network analyst on programs such as NFL Total Access and NFL Game Day

One of his children, Marshall Faulk Jr., briefly followed in his father's footsteps and played as a running back for the Central Washington Wildcats. The senior must have been incredibly proud of his son's achievements on the football field. 

Oscar De La Hoya (Boxing)

Oscar De La Hoya has won 11 world titles during his illustrious 16-year career as a professional boxer, but none beats his saga of romance and the resulting fatherhood. Until 2000, he was a devoted partner to Shanna Moakler and a doting dad to Atiana Cecilia. On one Grammy night, his fiance found out about his other woman, and she broke up with him. 

Unfortunately for him, Moakler sued him for $62.5 million, which put a massive dent in his pocket. That did not stop him from fathering five more children with three other women, one of them he married for 15 years before divorcing her in 2016.