Some Secrets About the Olympic Village That Everyone Should Know

Olympics Day 14 - Around the Games
Olympics Day 14 - Around the Games / Scott Halleran/GettyImages

Once every two years, at the summer and winter Olympic Games, thousands of athletes from all over the world converge at one location: the Olympic village. This resort changes every two years and is designed to house all athletes who will compete in the event.

Sadly, these grounds are strictly reserved for athletes, so spectators and even press members must satisfy their curiosity with tales they hear from Olympic gold medalists. While many choose to be evasive, few have informed us that the Olympic Village could double as the biannual rebirth of Sodom and Gomorrah, with all kinds of debauchery on display. Here are some steamy facts that go down at these locations every two years. Enjoy!

First Things First, Know the History

First, you'll notice that the word "Olympic" refers to the Olympic Games that were commemorated to honor the Greek god, Zeus in ancient Athens every four years. Though these games ended centuries ago, contemporary society has resurrected the practice in a much more civilized version.

The first was held in Athens, Greece, in 1896 as a humble salute to the games' precursors. Unlike the original Olympic sports, which favored naked performances ranging from unclad wrestling to barefoot races, modern ones require at least some kind of coverage—that is, until the cameras are turned off, the doors are shut, and the athletes exert their energies by shaking the sheets.

Cutting Them Some Slack

When you study the daily lives of these athletes, you’ll better understand their need for this other extra-Olympic activity. For starters, at the start of their careers, they must learn to incorporate discipline into every aspect of their lives. Then, picture having a personal trainer watching your every move, and you’ll see how challenging this career can be.

You’re not allowed to eat specific foods, engage in some activities, or even keep certain friends. Instead, every hour of each day is fixated on the goal of bagging accolades at these legendary games. So, when they finally achieve their objectives and arrive at the destination of their dreams, it’s reasonable for them to feel overwhelmed and also crave some steamy distractions.

Just Like a Giant Campus

Since assumably none of us has ever stepped foot in an Olympic village, we’ll have to rely on pictures and our imagination. Just visualize a large campus with cafeterias, banks, post offices, shops, and other essential facilities. Basically, once these athletes make their way in, there’ll be no need for them to head out, seeing as all they’ll need has been made available.

The dorm rooms are equally structured like college hostels, with bunk beds and different athletes sharing a single room. Sound familiar? With a structure similar to the campuses that house randy teenagers, it’s no wonder these grounds can trigger the young and carefree tendencies of these athletes.