The Annual Salaries of Your Beloved Sports Analysts

Charissa Thompson Hosts "Extra"
Charissa Thompson Hosts "Extra" / Gary Gershoff/GettyImages

Every year, billions worldwide turn to television, radio, and podcasts to get their fill of live-action sports. Besides the players, coaches, and the audience, there is a crucial factor that influences how the games are presented, and this is where the sports analysts come in. From doing an in-depth analysis of the data and statistics and performance forecasting to offering lively commentary of the game, their job entails a lot. 

Sports journalists and analysts have influenced the way sports is consumed, and over the years, some of them have garnered fame, fans, and fortune with their fascinating presentations during matches. They get paid handsomely; don’t be surprised at how much these beloved sportscasters make each year.

Charissa Thompson - $1 Million

In a career of over 16 years, Charissa Thompson has done notable work with various networks such as ESPN, Big Ten, and Versus before rejoining Fox Sports Network in 2013. She began hosting the show *Fox Sports Live* on their brand new channel FS1 and is widely known for her impressive stint as one of the charming hosts of the reality series Ultimate Beastmaster.

Since her professional journey began in 2006, Charissa has charted a successful career in sports journalism with single-minded dedication. Her exceptional skills as a sportscaster fetch her an estimated annual salary of $1 million. Considering her vast work repertoire, her earnings will surely increase in the future. 

Lisa Salters - $235K

An avid sportsperson, Lisa Salters, brings her knowledge and expertise as a college basketball player to the table as a sportscaster. After a long stint as an entertainment journalist in a Baltimore broadcast station, she joined ESPN in early 2000 as their general assignment reporter. She worked up the ranks to lead sideline reporter for the network's coverage of the NBA. 

Salters is estimated to draw an annual salary of $235k and is undoubtedly one of the most recognized faces in sports media. During her career, she has covered major international sports events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup. Her reports steadily feature on the EMMY award-winning investigative series, Outside the Lines

Mike Golic - $5 Million

After playing for the NFL as a defensive lineman for eight years, Mike Golic transitioned to a television host in the mid-90s post-retirement from the game. His love for the sport drew him to continue his association with football by becoming an analyst for ESPN's pregame TV program Sunday NFL Countdown

His long association with the ESPN network earns him a massive salary of $5 million per year, a top-tier earning as a reputed sports analyst. In 2021, he left the network to pursue greener pastures as an analyst for various notable football news coverage sites. One of his notable works is as the co-host of the popular radio show Mike & Mike for 17 years.  

Molly Qerim - $500K

If you are a sports enthusiast who closely follows the news surrounding the various games, you must be already aware of the charming Molly Qerim. She moderates one of the highest-ranking shows, ESPN's First Take, where Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss and dissect entertaining and often controversial topics in the sports world with their esteemed guests. 

For years before joining ESPN and drawing an annual salary of half a million, Molly had tons of experience covering all the major NFL and NBA events, including the All-Star games, the NBA draft, and the Super Bowl. She also famously hosted the sports morning show NFL AM for a while.