The Super Bowl Is Much More Than Just A Sports Fest and These Incidents Prove It

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Atlanta Falcons / Scott Cunningham/GettyImages

Being the biggest sporting event in the U.S, besides seeing the crème de la crème battling it out for the champion title at the Super Bowl, this is one of those affairs where fashion and great music performances collide while bold statements about what's popping and what's not been made.

Here are some of the things that have happened off the field during this event that people can't seem to get over:

Terry Bradshaw Silences Doubters With Winning Performance

With consistently subpar performances, especially during pregame shows, Terry Bradshaw was often said to have no clue about football. So naturally, we would like to defend him, but when we consider how he played during 1978's Super Bowl week, this former quarterback's performances were indeed underwhelming. 

While talking to the press, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson commented that Bradshaw "couldn't spell cat," not even if someone gave him the clues that would make the task easier. As funny as it was when he said it, "Hollywood" would soon have to recant his statement after Bradshaw proved him wrong with four TD passes in his MVP performance, leading to Pittsburgh's win.

Prince's Guitar That Many Weren't Happy About

There's no denying that Prince was one of the best live music performers that the world has seen. Even so, some people weren't happy about the singer's 2007 Super Bowl performance.

Even though some argue that the *Purple Rain* star didn't do anything wrong and faulted the audience for having a wild imagination, others say that Prince's guitar placement was inappropriate for an event that's supposed to be family-friendly. This celebrity may be long gone, but people are still talking about the incident, which proves that, indeed, whether it's good or bad publicity, it's still publicity, which is what every entertainer needs to stand out. 

Barret Robbins Disappears Before Big Game

On the 25th of January 2003, just the night before the game between Oakland and Tampa Bay, the news was filled with reports of Raiders' Pro Bowl center Barret Robbins having been sent home by his couch. According to the media, this footballer, whose team greatly depended on for their win, had been dismissed due to lack of discipline.

The truth would later emerge; Robbins had been struggling with mental health issues and was in no shape to play. With it being his only option then, this player had gone to get the much-needed help to get better. Unfortunately, without Robbins, the Raiders lost the game to their opponents.

Favre's Commitment to Sobriety Is Questioned

He may have been crowned NFL's MVP player of 1996, but Favre got more attention for what was going wrong in his personal life than his notable achievement on the field. In this very year, the Parkers' star had made public his addiction to painkillers and alcohol, which many lauded as a brave move. 

That was until Favre was spotted at a party with a bottle at hand during Super Bowl week, making people question his commitment to sobriety. Yet, despite the negative things that were said about him, this footballer would lead his team to an impressive win, scoring 35 points against their opponents, who had 21 points.