The Superstar Women Who Stood by the WWE Champions

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We know the WWE stars to be rough and fierce in the ring, but their gentle hearts hold stronger women who are behind their phenomenal success as wrestlers. Superstars, in their own right, the better halves of the men who dominated the combat sport, have a history of being incredible cheerleaders who cheer the loudest from the sidelines. 

Here are a few of these incredible women who have been an integral part of the wrestling legends in one form or the other. These wives have been their husbands' strongest allies throughout their professional journey, constantly cheering them on to be better sportsmen and become amazing men devoted to their families. 

Bess Katramados - Gorgeous Wife of Big Show

Born Paul Donald Wight II, Big Show may look fierce as a professional wrestler, but his soft heart beats only for his gorgeous wife, Bess Katramados. He met her during his tumultuous relationship with his first wife, and their love has grown to inspire others. 

Big Show and Bess married in 2002 and have two adorable kids. After dedicating 25 years to his passion for wrestling and dominating the ring for almost his entire career, he retired from the combat sport in 2018 to spend quality time with his precious family. Throughout his stellar journey as a wrestler, his beautiful wife, Bess, has been by his side, lending him unconditional support and motivation. 

Lauren Hashian - The Illustrious Wife of The Rock

Born to the famous drummer Sib Hasian of the rock band Boston, Lauren Hashian grew up in the limelight. The gorgeous music producer came into even more public scrutiny once she began dating Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in 2007. They met a year earlier on the set of his film *The Game Plan.* 

The couple may have taken a dozen years and two children to wed in 2019, but their deep bond has always been there for everyone to see. The former WWE star, one of the all-time greats in the ring, has never hidden how absolutely besotted he is with his wife. She's been his precious cheerleader and a powerful ally for over 15 years. 

Sable - The Stunning Wrestler Wife of Brock Lesnar

Sable, the stunning wife of Brock Lesnar, is a big name unto herself in the wrestling world. She has retired from the sport but has left an indelible mark as a wrestling champion who reigned supreme for most of her decade-long career. During the last leg of her professional life as a wrestler, she met the love of her life in SmackDown and fell hard for him. 

After dating for two years, Brock and Sable married in 2006 and have been inseparable since. Coming from the same wrestling background cemented their love for each other, and she's been his constant aide by his side on his professional journey. 

Maryse Ouellet - The Miz's Glamorous Wrestler Wife 

They are the stars of the reality series *Miz & Mrs* which captures their romance and their journey through parenthood, but if the wrestling world has an "It" couple, it's them - The Miz and his glamorous wife, Maryse Ouellet. He first met her during the 2006 WWE Diva Search competition and was smitten with her vivacious personality. 

The couple got engaged in 2013 and married a year later. In her husband's words, Maryse has been his most significant source of inspiration and support, and she's been by the ringside during his matches, cheering him the loudest. She's the one who motivates him to be better. A glamor model and a professional wrestler, she loves wrestling alongside her husband.