These Wrestlers Are Good at Other Sports

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While it is true that the world of professional wrestling is mostly scripted and the results of the matches are predetermined, that does not mean the men, or for that matter the women, in the ring are any less skilled than athletes from other sports.

Professional wrestlers are very athletic and that is exactly why they are able to pull off such tricky moves so easily and safely. Moreover, some even end up in the ring after having played another sport in the past. Here is a list of wrestlers who are not only proficient in their own creed but they also excel in other sports. 

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler, the American wrestler, is a big name in the wrestling world. During his amateur years, Ziggler went up against Tyron Woodley in the NCAA Division I National Championships. Before he took up the sport, he used to work as a caddie with Kerwin White. He made his debut in 2005 but was sent to a developmental program for three years.

Afterward, he also remained a part of the male cheerleading team, the Spirit Squad. A short while after that, he was reintroduced as Dolph Ziggler in 2008. The wrestler secured many titles, including the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mojo Rawley

Even though Mojo Rawley did not have a very successful career in the wrestling world, he had enough titles to his name. The athlete held the 24/7 Championship title seven times and also bagged the 2017 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal title. He made his WWE debut back in 2012, along with Zack Snyder.

Before joining wrestling, Mojo played football on the professional scene for some time. The Packers signed him as an undrafted free agent; however, he was waived before the regular season. He played football as a high schooler and at the collegiate level. During his college years, he played for Christopher Newport University.

John Bradshaw Layfield

John Bradshaw Layfield, more famously known by his stage name, JBL, first came to the wrestling world in 1995. As a wrestler, he remained a part of the tag teams, the New Blackjacks and Acolyte Protection Agency. Afterward, he was introduced as JBL, a character who became the WWE champion.

John almost made it into the NFL as a footballer before turning to wrestling. He played as an offensive lineman during his college years at Abilene Christian University. He was signed by the Raiders before the 1990 season but released before the regular season. He then joined the San Antonio Riders but failed to make it into the 1992 season.