These Wrestlers Brewed Up a Storm With Their Cheating

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The wrestling industry is unlike any other in the world. Wrestlers must travel worldwide, leaving them with little or no time to spend with friends and family. Being away from your loved ones can be difficult; hence, this schedule forms a small community and bond, considering how much time they have together. 

With such a predicament, wrestlers are prone to seeking attention from co-workers or random individuals and end up dating each other. Even though the system advises wrestlers against dating each other, the superstars keep getting involved. Even though they try to keep their dealings low-key, sometimes they end up making headlines. Here are some of the biggest misconduct of wrestlers who were caught cheating on their partners.

Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber 

As we all know, Seth Rollins is a visionary man inside the ring; we should not forget he has a life outside the squared circle. One of the recent cheating news in the wrestling world involved Seth cheating on his partner -Leighla Schultz, with Zahra Schreiber, who was then a WWE Diva prospect. Seth had a promising relationship back home but pulled a quick one with a co-worker.

The way the information went public was something the world won’t forget quickly. The fiancé of Seth sought revenge unbelievably by logging into his social media accounts to upload unclad photos of Seth and Zahra Schreiber. Unfortunately, WWE didn’t penalize Seth for his misconduct; instead, he won the WWE Championship just a few months after the misconduct. 

Edge & Lita 

When considering cheating stories with the highest drama and shockwaves, we can't ignore the case of Lita cheating on her partner with Edge. Wrestling fans felt betrayed as they loved to see Hardy and Lita together as their favorite couple. Hardy couldn't bear the reality of his "best friend" messing with his girlfriend. And so, he went on the internet to tell the public about what happened. 

Of course, he felt betrayed, but according to WWE rules, he portrayed 'unprofessional conduct" and was fired for it. The situation caused a lot of negative emotion from fans, and they kept chanting "We Want Matt" at live shows to the extent that WWE had to grant their request to bring him back. 

CM Punk & Traci Brooks 

CM Punk is known to be the ladies’ man, and we are all aware of Punk’s womanizing nature that sometimes gets overlooked. The storyline that claimed that he cheated on Daffney with Traci Brooks was another heartbreaking news for fans. Punk and Daffney were one of the most popular wrestling couples on the independent wrestling list, and they were full of potential

Their love life began to fizzle out when Daffney was signed to OVW, as the duo had little time to spend, making it easy for Punk to divert his attention to Traci. Even though neither Punk of Traci confirmed their fling, the internet has uncovered their secret with several pictures to prove the two were romantically involved.