You Wouldn’t Believe These NFL Injuries Happened

Ed McCaffrey/Takeo Spikes
Ed McCaffrey/Takeo Spikes / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Contact sports like football and basketball are some of the most entertaining types of sports. We love to see our favorite players run around the pitch, weave through obstacles and opponents, and score winning points. The feeling can be indescribable.

Sometimes, however, the pushing and shoving that is involved can result in severe injuries and permanent damage to body parts. Some athletes have lost valuable time trying to recuperate from their wounds. Others couldn't return to the pitch due to the resulting disability. The most unfortunate ones have tragically lost their lives. In this article, we look at some skilled athletes who've been severely injured while playing their hearts out:

Joe Theismann

One of the most gruesome and graphic injuries in sports history happened on November 18th, 1985. The Giants were playing against the Redskins, and disaster struck halfway into the second quarter. Lawrence Taylor of the Giants charged into Joe Theismann, the Redskins' quarterback, and tried to get him down for a sack.

Taylor's knee caught Theismann's leg at a delicate angle and shattered it instantly. Crying out in agony, the quarterback went down immediately, prompting Taylor to go over and check on him. He realized the damage he'd done and immediately called for help. This unfortunate accident made one of Theismann's legs shorter than the other and led to the end of his career.

Johnny Knox 

Sports are about outperforming your opponents. Unfortunately, in doing so, some athletes have attempted the impossible and hurt themselves in the process. Such was the case of Johnny Knox in 2011 when his team played against the Seahawks. He was running with the ball, he was hit by an opponent and suddenly lost it. Johnny moved quickly to recover it and collided with an opponent in the process.

The impact caused Johnny to bend backward to the point that his back touched his rear end. Due to the accident, Knox suffered permanent nerve damage and underwent several surgeries to help fuse his spine. Sadly, he didn't return to the NFL again.

Chris Kuper 

In 2011, Chris Kuper was enjoying a game against the Kansas City Chiefs when an opponent suddenly hit him. After the impact, the player tried to move but realized his leg was twisted. It was so bad that his injured foot pointed in the opposite direction.

The sight was so sickening that his teammates, as well as the opposing players, turned their faces from Kuper as they couldn't take in the sight. The injured player was immediately taken for surgery and returned to the NFL after some treatment. He played for another three years before finally retiring from the game.

Ed McCaffrey

On the 20th of September 2001, Ed McCaffrey was playing for his beloved Denver Broncos against the New York Giants when he was injured. Despite the severity of the hurt, the player still described that particular game as one of the best in his entire career.

The injury happened in a rather innocent fashion. McCaffrey had just snagged a pass and was trying to land on his leg when it suddenly snapped out of shape. The player later confessed that his entire career flashed before his eyes at that instant, and the possibility of losing it added more intensity to the pain he was feeling.